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Cold Weather Law





216B.097 Cold Weather Rule


(a) A municipal utility or cooperative electric association must not disconnect and must reconnect the utility service of a resident customer during the period between October 15 and April 15 if the disconnection affects the primary heat source for the residential unit and all of the following conditions are met:


  (1) The household income of the customer is at or below 50 percent of the state median household income. A municipal utility or cooperative electric association utility may (i) verify income on forms it provides or (ii) obtain verification of income from the local energy assistance provider. A customer is deemed to meet the income requirements of this clause if the customer receives any form of public assistance, including energy assistance, which uses an income eligibility threshold set at or below 50 percent of the state median household income.



Below are the 2020-202 Income Eligibility Guidelines

50% of State Median Income (SMI)


Household Size           Max. Annual 50% of SMI            Max. 3 Month of 50% SMI

1                                           $28,266                                        $7,066

2                                           $36,963                                        $9,240

3                                           $45,660                                        $11,415

4                                           $54,357                                        $13,589

5                                           $63,054                                        $15,763

6                                           $71,751                                        $17,937

7                                           $73,382                                        $18,345

8                                           $75,013                                        $18,753

9                                           $76,643                                        $19,160

10                                         $78,274                                        $19,568


  (2) A customer enters into and makes reasonably timely payments under a payment agreement that considers the financial resources of the household.


  (3) A customer receives referrals to energy assistance, weatherization, conservation, or other programs likely to reduce the customer's energy bills.


(b) A municipal utility or a cooperative electric association must, between August 15 and October 15 each year, notify all residential customers of the provisions of this section.


Energy Assistance Providers


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