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If your power goes off

Electricity is an important part of our lives. We strive to maintain power and minimize the length of time anyone has to be without power. By being prepared and informed, you can help us restore your power as quickly as possible.


When an Outage Occurs


  • Check the fuses and circuit breakers in your home and on the meter pole to determine if the loss of power was caused by your system. The problem may be with your wiring and may require the services of an electrician.
  • Call your neighbors to determine if they have electricity. This helps pinpoint the extent of the outage.
  • If the cause of the outage is not in your wiring, please call 800-244-5709 , 24 hours a day to report your outage.        The following information will be helpful:
    • Name
    • Account Number
    • Location Number
    • Telephone Number
    • Any other information that may help us locate the cause of the outage (for example, a downed tree, lightning strike, branch across a wire, etc.).


Wild Rice Electric responds to an Outage


  • The dispatch center reviews information to determine outage location and cause.
  • Outage information is reported to the line crew.
  • Line crews work to restore power as quickly as possible. Our goal is to restore power to the greatest number of customers first, and continuing until all power is restored.


Wild Rice Electric phones are answered 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. When the office is closed, a dispatch system will handle your call and forward reports concerning the outage to appropriate crews. Should you find the phone lines busy, please be patient. We will answer your call as promptly as possible. The continuation of a busy signal indicates a large outage with many customers attempting to call at the same time.


Common Causes of Outages


  • Downed Trees & Branches
  • Storms
  • High winds
  • Lightning
  • Ice on power lines
  • Traffic accidents
  • Construction work
  • Digging
  • Animals


Be Prepared


Keep at least one good flashlight and a battery operated radio with fresh batteries in your house.

Place Wild Rice Electric's telephone number, your account number and 911 address near your telephone. Your account number is found on your bill.


Keep extra ice in freezer. If it is an extended outage, ice can be used to keep perishable food from your refrigerator iced in coolers. You can also use this ice for drinking water as it melts. Wrap blankets over freezer and coolers. Keep freezer closed. A well stocked freezer should keep frozen for several days if left shut.


In a wide-spread storm outage phone lines are extremely busy and you may not be able to get through to our office. The following radio stations will be receiving and broadcasting updated outage information:


- KDLM 1340 AM/104.1 FM       - KRJM 101.5 FM


- KRCQ 102.3 FM                          - KROX 1260 AM


- KKCQ 1480 AM/96.7 FM           - KFGO 790 AM


- KKEQ 107 FM                              - WDAY 970 AM


- KRJB 106.3 FM







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