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Rate Codes

Rate Code                                  Rate Description

1001                                         Off Peak Short Term

1002                                         Off Peak Long Term

1003                                         Off Peak Cycled Storage

1004                                         Off Peak Non Cycled Storage

1005                                         Off Peak Short Term (Sales Tax Exempt)

1006                                         Off Peak Long Term (Sales Tax Exempt)

1007                                         Off Peak Cycled Storage (Sales Tax Exempt)

1008                                         Off Peak Non Cycled Storage (Sales Tax Exempt)

1010                                         Farm & Home

1011                                         Farm & Home (Sales Tax Exempt)

1012                                         Village Residential

1013                                         Village Residential (Sales Tax Exempt)

1031                                         Irrigation & Aeration

1040                                         Commercial and Small Power

1050                                         Large Power

1051                                         Large Power Off Peak Short Term

1052                                         Large Power Off Peak Long Term

1053                                         Large Power Off Peak Cycled Storage

1054                                         Large Power Off Peak Non Cycled Storage

6001                                         Security Light Mercury Vapor

6002                                         Security Light Sodium


For more information on rate codes, please contact our billing department at (218) 935-2517 or (800) 244-5709.



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